Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One More To Go ...

I decided to plaster the ceiling in the bathroom today, and would have possibly done the last wall, too, had I not run out of material. I put my man Rob at Marjam to work to get me some more, which hopefully gets here by tomorrow. But there is always more to do at Gunk Haus.

I talked to my Iron Man today about another project, which would widen the opening from the bar to the beer hall. They're going to come by tomorrow and measure, and maybe by next week we'll have some heavy metal action again.

E! is very busy refurbishing window sashes and doors, for the bathrooms and the front entrance.

In case you wondered why I haven't posted any more pictures of the plaster in the bathroom, well, it is a small room, and there is no good way to take any reasonable pictures (and you know how a white wall looks like, don't you, Amy).


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