Friday, May 29, 2009

All Tight ...

There's something about plumbing ... no wait, that's how I started yesterday ... but heck there IS something about plumbing, which always puts me on edge. This time it was my own damn fault (that is not unusual, but who's going to admit that).

I was going to put a link here to a previous post (links are the ones in blue text and underlined), but I couldn't find it, and I got sidetracked reading my old posts. Anyhow, I was looking for the post that said that I had trouble with a shutoff valve at the boiler, the valve clearly wasn't valving anymore, because water kept coming through.

Now, I was starting to write a lengthy explanation of what happened and why, when I remembered that you all are just skimming the blog for pictures. Well, there are no pictures today, but I spare you a lengthy excursion into heat related plumbing (if you're interested in a hot water heating 101, you know how to reach me).

To make it short, I hooked up the radiators in the ADA bathroom and the dish station to the beer hall loop, and everything works just fine.