Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shoot The Messenger ...

You know the feeling, the bearer of bad news is right in front of you, he just told you all the things you don't want to hear, that your life will take a turn for the worse, the pressure in you rises rapidly, and you need let off steam. So you load your gun, right in front of him to let him know he's going to get it, you look into his frightened eyes, you smile, and pull the trigger: pop, pop, pop, the marshmallows come flying ...

We don't shoot messengers, especially when they are as entertaining and good to work with as Lou, our trusty civil engineer.

Because we are changing the type of service for Gunk Haus to full service restaurant from single service / tavern, the health department is having a major issue with our septic system, in that it is too small. That's when we hired Lou to engineer a bigger septic system. The parcel which Gunk Haus is located in is about three quarters of an acre, so we would have space to expand the septic system.

Unfortunately, smack in the middle of the parcel is our cottage, which we renovated first thing after buying Gunk Haus, and now rent out.

To make it short, the cottage is in the way and has to go, else we couldn't build a septic system large enough to get permitted seating capacity that would make the business viable.

Aside from loss of income, little as it may be, this will take more time and money.

Don't worry, we will make it, not sure when, but we'll make it ... :-)