Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Show ...

It was supposed to be an exciting day, but you sense already that something didn't go as planned, like for instance the contractor not showing up (that is sort of the precondition for them to do the work).

After calling them three times I received a voice mail, that they will be by tomorrow morning. Of course that was after we decided to bag this day, and do what we had wanted to do today in the first place: Go shopping!!!

Clearly we are not in need of therapy, as we didn't spend much money (of course there is a possibility that we subconsciously knew we needed therapy, and that it would cost us our first born, and therefore didn't spend much money to save our pennies for therapy).

As a consequence not much happened at Gunk Haus, besides a little cleanup, some flooring (one row), and the attempt at germinating seeds, which was thwarted by our decision to take off for therapy, pardon, shopping.