Thursday, April 9, 2009

Iron Brewer ...

Before I bore you with any of today's actions, I want to take you back to last night. The Hudson Valley Home Brewers Club had its monthly meeting yesterday. Two months ago, our president announced an iron brewer contest, which required every beer entered to include juniper berries in its recipe.

Again, I don't want to bore you with what beer I brewed, and how, and why, and whatever. Who cares, I won the whole shebang, by a landslide!!! This caused me to break into an embarrassing victory dance, which I am not proud of, especially because it isn't very sportsman-like.

Anyhow, I finished the second coat of the eastern wall today:

My honey, meanwhile, dug deep into the greasy entrails of our deep fryer (another piece of used equipment we had bought):

And then, after several deliveries, I called it quits today, and told the tree pruning teams to stop dumping anymore wood chips, because we should have enough. We'll use them in the garden to lay out walking paths, and also to cover the area just behind the wood chips and dumpster in below picture, which we have slated to become personal and employee parking.


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