Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Day In Pictures ...

I was pouring a slab for the propane tank today. You start out with a form:

You watch the cement turn round, and round, and round, and round ...

Stare-off with the cement mixer ... it blinked first ... ;-)

Haul the cement to the form ...

You realize, that the form prevents you from simply dumping the cement into the form, where's the shovel?!

Five bags of cement mix, cement mixer stare-offs, hauls to the form, shoveling into the form, spreading and troweling later:

Finish up plumbing in the ADA bathroom, and cover the wall with sheetrock:

Install a drain pipe from the gutter downspout:

E!'s day consisted of cleaning kitchen equipment:

Mowing the lawn, whacking the weeds:

Making yummy meatballs, and cuddling up to me at the end of the day ... :-)


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