Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roll In The Keg ...

We got the good news this morning, we officially have a liquor license, at least a preliminary one, pending a few minor things, like, er, having a functional restaurant. This is great news! Gee, and it took only 13 months to get it!!! Good thing we aren't open yet.

Anyhow, it is good news, but it also puts some pressure on us to get things going, as the preliminary license is good only 180 days. So we better open by Labor Day. I know, we said that last year already, but this year we really mean it.



Anonymous said...

Woooo Hoooo!


Maybe you should have a family work party and get all of us over there to help . . . at least I think it would help, if you need completely unskilled labor . . .


Anonymous said...

Leslie, You can't get any more unskilled than me, and while I test his patience mightily I have yet to be flogged. I welcome your help tho I fear in comparison to your unskilled-but-still-reasonably-intelligent efforts he may realize there is nuthin to be done with me but bring on the whip. If I run for it, can I live in your barn?

Gunk Haus said...

Yay work party!!! In rolls the army of unskilled laborers, ready to hit (thumb) nails, and cut too short boards even shorter.

Unfortunately, there isn't much work around here, that doesn't involve some skill (or willingness to learn it), or heavy lifting.

But how do you feel about gardening? We have an acre of pasture we plan to turn (at least partially) into a kitchen garden.

Regardless, we should have you guys over sometime, with or without work.

Anonymous said...

A Garden Work Party, perfect! I can even bring over some composted horse manure!

Seriously, if you buy the plants why not have a bunch of us over to dig, plant, fertilize etc? What about Memorial Day weekend? I think in theory that's the last frost date (last year the last frost was much earlier).

Let me know.


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