Friday, March 13, 2009

Pirate's Booty ...

One of the perks of having, or opening, a business is that people try to sell you stuff. In case of a restaurant the stuff is often food or beverages. We had not one, but two vendors stop by today, one for beer, and one for meat products. We ended up with sample bottles of different beers, and sample packages of different sausages.

Meat and beer, it's what's for dinner ... ;-)

We did some work today, shocking as it may sound. E! (hopefully) finished staining the wood cover for the beer hall (she hates the fumes, but she is a trooper - somebody have an olympic gold medal to spare?). She also helped me hang some drywall in the dish station. Oh, and we had another metal dude come by, which took a good hour out of my day. Do I sound like making excuses for not having anything big to report of? Maybe. But on some days not much, or at least not much noteworthy happens. How are you all doing?



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