Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Pictures, Lots Of Text ...

Seen the picture of a white wall lately? Well, I ain't gonna post one (today)! Anyhow, E! was very busy in the kitchen, sanding and priming ceiling and walls, and it looks great, take my word for it.

In the meantime I was busy installing more metal lath. This is pretty easy and straightforward, thanks to our Remington 479. The problem is, that too often the cartridge gets stuck after firing the shot, and I have to dismantle the gun to get it out, and that takes time.

The afternoon was filled with cleaning up the old garden area (E!), and mowing the lawn on the parking lot side (me). We are planning to till the lawn over there and turn it into a garden, with herbs, veggies, and berries.


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