Thursday, March 19, 2009

Es Ist Vollbracht ...

What an exciting moment, the beer hall ceiling is done!!! Exciting!!!

So, what else is new?

It was almost another contractor love fest today. A contractor for the structural work in the bar (I really need to post pictures about that sometime) stopped by again, Mike (our electrician, who we love very much - I know you're reading this, Mike, so I'm putting it on extra thick) briefly came over to look at our FINISHED BEER HALL CEILING!!!

And lastly, not leastly, the hood dudes were here, more precisely the guys who do fire suppression systems. So without further ado, I present to you, well, the fire suppression system:

The big red bottle contains nitrogen or whatever substance, which in case of fire will be sprayed from the nozzles under hood onto the fire under the hood. The system is mostly mechanical, with stainless steel ropes running from the control box (above the red bottle) to shutoff the propane. The system is triggered either by a manual pulley, again connected via rope to the control box, or by a nifty triggering mechanism under the hood, consisting of an alloy with a low melting point, and, you guessed it, another rope connecting to the control box.

Funny tidbit, one of the hood dudes complemented us on the old beams in the beer hall, until I told him that they were boxed out LVLs. Gosh, that felt good.