Friday, March 20, 2009

Cleanup In Aisle Five ...

After the completion of the beer hall ceiling it was time to bring some order to the beer hall.

I have to confess, I am a hunter and gatherer, and I always have a hard time parting with things. As useless as they may seem at the present, I always see a future use, or the potential thereof. So I hold on to every scrap of wood, I religiously collect and reuse nails (E! is still frowning at our early days at Gunk Haus, when I pretty much refused to buy nails, I can be somewhat extreme).

But today was a day to say goodbye to a host of wood scrap, which we just kept around for the tomorrow that never came. Second fact about me is that I can be quite the neat freak, and I frequently sweep the floor, despite the fact that they will be just as dirty again the next day.

And another confession, it wasn't really that tough to part with all the wood scrap, because it is still out there in the dumpster, and I know I can get it back if need be (I have been dumpster diving many a times during our renovation efforts).

While I was slacking off, I wasn't really productive today, E! was busy in the kitchen spackling the drywall joints. We are eager to get the kitchen and dish station done, so E! can start cooking, and work on recipes.



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