Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrr ...

Honestly, it is March 3rd, does it really need to be that cold?! Granted, it has been much colder this Winter, and maybe it was just the wind, which made it feel colder, but I am ready for warmer weather, because the cold is putting a damper on my mood, and I don't get much done.

Yesterday it was particularly windy, and subsequently cold, so we ended up not accomplishing anything but driving around, and getting materials for upcoming projects.

Today was better, and I installed duct work for the kitchen and wait station, and closed the kitchen ceiling with drywall (at least the first layer; as this is a commercial kitchen with open fire we are required to cover the kitchen ceiling with two layers of fire rated drywall, and that's what we'll do tomorrow).

While I was busy with the ducts, E! went and got more (furry) wood, which we'll use to cover the ridge in the beer hall ceiling, and the posts that hold it up.


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