Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bar ...

You asked for it (or maybe not), I promised it (I did), and here they are: Pictures of the bar!!!

Here is how it looked like, before we bought Gunk Haus:

The same scene today looks a little stripped down:

What happened? Not sure where to start, but we wanted to remove the air condition duct above the bar, get rid of the faux wood paneling on the walls, and expose the ceiling joist. In other words, we started stripping down the bar room.

That's when we discovered a few things. For one, there was a 12 inch high I-beam running the entire length of the room. But in order to get air condition to the back of the bar, a really smart dude (sarcasm alert) cut a hole in it:

That hole renders the I-beam pretty much useless. Fortunately, that didn't change too much, because it is pretty much useless, in other words, it doesn't really do much, but hold another beam, which holds up the second floor. This other (wooden) beam, we found, was broken:

So what is going to happen pretty soon, is that the existing I-beam will be removed, and the broken wooden beam will be replaced by an I-beam and a column to hold it up. Once all that is done, we can start to reassemble the bar.



Anonymous said...

Ya gotta put the pool table back!

Gunk Haus said...

I feel with you. Unfortunately the pool table had to make space for the ten lane bowling alley.

Anonymous said...

I say, ya gotta put the likor back!

Anonymous said...

OK, booze first, then the pool table. I can live w/ that.

Anonymous said...

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