Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ten Little Burners ...

I told you we'd have an exciting day, and we did. We picked up a ten burner range at a deli in Marlboro today, along with some shelving, and a salad spinner, not the kind your Mom would have in her kitchen, but a five gallon one.

The whole operation went surprisingly smooth, although it took almost two hours to move the range 20 feet from its installed place to the trailer. That is largely because we partly disassembled the range so it would fit through the door, but also to strip it off heavy items (have you lifted the oven door of a commercial range lately, they're heavy).

Today's thanks goes to Jerry and Donny, for lending us their truck and trailer, respectively, Tom for another 10% Lowe's coupon, and as always Butch for plowing the snow in front of our building.

By the time we open we will have to give out so many free meals to people who did us favors since we started this project, that we will be bankrupt within a month ... kidding.


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