Monday, February 9, 2009

The Song Remains The Same ...

We got a visit from fellow future restauranteurs today, who had bought a property which we also had looked at, but found too expensive for our taste. They have been at it for two years already, which made us feel better for being slightly behind schedule.

We shared our experiences with various authorities, like health department and liquor authority, but neither of us heard anything new. This is somewhat comforting in that we are not the only ones going through pains while trying to open a business, creating jobs, and doing something for the community.

It was a frustrating day otherwise. I had tried to put more memory into E!'s laptop, and kinda ruined it along the way. Thanks to Jerry I got it working again. Aside from messing with computers I did a little plumbing for the dish station, while E! was busy staining the wood cover for the LVL beams in the beer hall.


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