Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Private Dirk ...

Oh what joy it is crawling around Gunk Haus' underbelly, also known as the crawl space (reminds me a little bit of my military time). I had pulled the cold water line to the dish station yesterday, but still needed to connect it to the faucet stub outs. Fortunately the crawl space is dry, but in the end I still looked and felt like Pig-Pen.

Now that I have all the pipes running to the dish station, I will close the ditch with the grease trap, put some sheet rock on the wall, hook up the sink, et violĂ  we have a doggy wash station. Kidding, although our dog really needs a bath.

E! finished staining the cover for the LVL beams in the beer hall. As soon as they have dried we will install them, and I promise, I will post pictures again.


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