Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Day Of Wreckoning ...

I came, I saw the stair, I conquered it. As I promised yesterday (which usually doesn't mean anything), I was going to raise, not to say raze, the landing of the stairs to the second floor. For before pictures, go to yesterday's post.

Let's dive right in. The two top steps up from the landing are gone already, and I am working hard on removing the braces:

It was a day of wreckoning, so I got the saws-all (reciprocating saw) out. I will never admit it, but I'm glad we got it. I am usually a hand tool kinda guy, but power tools can make your life much easier.

At the end of the day, I had framed out the floor (as can be seen below), and thrown a sheet of plywood on top. Eventually, I'll reinstall nice wood flooring, but that has to wait.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day, we'll finally get ... nah, I'm not going to tell you today, you'll have to wait until tomorrow ... ;-)


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