Monday, January 5, 2009

Wish List ...

Disclaimer: Before you read on, this post mentions a lot of alcohol, so if you are not 21 years old, skip to the next paragraph, and have some fun. For the rest of you, no, I am not a lush, I don't need an intervention, I just have a whicked sense of humor. Also, this post has no pictures, but you know that already, because you totally skipped over this text already, and scrolled down looking for some visuals. Gotcha ... ;-)

Beware what you wish for, you may actually get it. I have said that before, so you could charge me with spinning in circles, repetitiveness, laziness, unimaginativeness, or a few other things, I can't find words for right now. Point being, I used the phrase before, and I will do so again, so get over it.

But that wasn't even my point, my point was that you should beware what you wish for because you actually may get it. Ok, where was I? I was trying to say something. Hmm, I need a drink, oh right, now I remember, do you? Well, a while back I had a long and frustrating work day, and my blog post showed that I was out of olives and vermouth for a nice martini. The natural reponse was that I got lots of martini glasses for Christmas (thank you Amy and Mark, I love them very much).

Then the other day, I jokingly mentioned, that I might be out of vodka (which I am not), but sure enough, I now have a bottle of Ketel One in my freezer, which I had to quality test tonight: Ketel One Vodka (thank you Amy), vermouth (self supplied, it was in the basement apartment, but we are getting low), olives (thank you Mark), martini glass (thank you Mark, I'll try yours next, Amy).

Though I used to be a Belvedere kinda guy, I was introduced to Tito's by our dear neighbors J and J a little while back, nevertheless, Ketel One is really nice and smooth, just the way I like it.

Ok kids, here is where the alcohol stops flowing, so go to bed.

Aparently my readership (that is you who is reading this) feels they need to fulfill every wish I ask for. So, here is my wish list (no picking and choosing):

  • an apartment in Paris, France (I am modest, I could ask for Versailles, but I am to lazy to walk a mile to go for potty)
  • a nice size lot, with a lake, slightly mountainous, for building a castle for queen E!
  • a companion for Piglet (our trusty door bell / watch dog / bed warmer / etc.), preferably a Schnautzer (standard); we will call him Fritz
  • world peace (should be number one, but this is an unnumbered list)
  • winning the Mega Millions Jackpot (I don't actually care much about being rich, but it helps paying for the heating bill, if you live in Versailles)

So, there you have it. Get to work ... ;-)