Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rest Room ...

No work today. Huh what?!?

I may have mentioned once or twice that E! and I work pretty much seven days a week. Now, you guys with kids may argue that you do so, too, that in fact you're on duty 24/7. Ok, here's your brownie point.

Anyhow, on some days we don't work. Today was such a day, and I went skiing to Belleayre, while E! was having her day in bed with bonbons, as she calls it.

Yet, while I was really doing nothing but enjoying myself, E! actually stayed home (she doesn't ski), and did laundry and a few other things that could be considered work. She is the greatest, and I am open to suggestions on how to make it up to her.

Skiing was fun, and I bumped into Jeff (our plumber) on the slopes. Just before I was about to leave I also met Tatjana from Munich. We had a nice chat (in German) about food and German hangouts in the area, some of which I hadn't heard of yet, but will check out soon (it's all about market research, and spying the competition).