Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Man ...

A little more than a month ago I posted an entry about my favorite boiler man, and how tough it is for me to keep him around or let him go, because he is so hard to get ahold of.

Today I was reminded as to why I keep on calling him, even if it takes a month for him to show up. Today, Matt was here and took care of my boiler, and I was not to be disappointed.

For the last two weeks whenever the boiler turned on (and it did a lot, because of the arctic temperatures), it sounded like a train was driving by. Now it is purring like a kitten getting a belly rub.

I love Matt, I said so before, and I'll say it again. He does great work, he is very thorough, he is polite, and he goes the extra mile. I also believe that he completely undervalues his work. And he is aware of him not being as responsive as one would hope, because he promised that if we would be out of heat, he'd be here in a heartbeat, and I believe him.

I learned a lot again today, and I guess I could do most of the work myself, but in the end it all takes time, the right tools (never underestimate the value of the right tool), and it's dirty. I'd rather pay someone to do it, but of course I'm glad to know the basics and a little more, just in case.

Off to the picture section. More ceiling work today, what a surprise. More tomorrow. Are you getting tired of it already?