Friday, January 16, 2009

It's All Inside ...

As promised yesterday (gosh, I actually kept a promise) here now a picture of the grease trap plumbing:

The water enters at the back through that big funnel. As a restaurant, our kitchen sink must have an indirect drain, in other words the sink is not directly connected to the drain system, instead its drain pipe ends in mid-air, and the water is caught by the funnel. This is supposed to prevent backflow of contaminated waste water into the sink.

Unfortunately Jeff was caught up with a broken water pipe somewhere else today, so he couldn't finish the grease trap plumbing.

We, meanwhile, cleaned up the east side of the beer hall so we could start installing the drywall and ceiling cover. Here's my Gummibär hanging a sheet of drywall:

Alongside this wall we will install four booths. Speaking of, we will have a variety of seating options, booths, individual tables, and larger communal tables. You'll see ...