Friday, January 2, 2009

Front Page! ...

You may remember when I told you about a visit by reporters of the New Paltz Times. Now, I was completely and utterly right with my prediction, we did make page 17! What I didn't know, or ever suspected is that we made the front page of the New Paltz Times! The article continues on page 17, but it starts on the front page, and we're talking the part of the front page right underneath the name of the newspaper. I told you we'd be famous soon, wait for it ... :-)

There is one correction to the article I must insist on though: The name of the restaurant is Gunk Haus, NOT Gunks Haus, nor The Gunk Haus, nor Gunk House, or any other shenanigans. Gunk Haus!

Off to today's work day. We moved higher up with the ceiling cover. Unfortunately, we only have one scaffold, which is not enough to install the 16 foot long boards. No problem, I just threw some planks over the LVL beams I installed last summer, et voilĂ  we have another scaffold.

No day without surprises, today it was heating related. I admit, that is not a surprise, but it never happens at a convenient time. Short story long, E! recognized that the heat on the second floor wasn't working. There was a time when that would have thrown me off, make me run for the freezer (where I store the vodka), and mix myself a nice martini with extra olives (thank you Amy and Mark for the nice martini glasses you gave me for Christmas, maybe I should mention next time I am out of vodka ... ;-).

Instead, I casually walked into the basement, looked at the boiler check here and there, and find that the water pressure in the boiler is way too low, notabene water must be escaping from the system. As we would have noticed water leaks on the upper floors and the beer hall rather quickly, there was only one place where the leak must be: the basement apartment. I go down there and sure enough, a heating pipe had burst, and water was gushing out.

Not a biggy. The basement apartment has its own heating zone, so I turn off the water for that zone, make sure the water pressure increases again in the boiler, quickly assess the water damage in the basement apartment, which was negligible, and call it a night. Champagne anyone?



gia0000000 said...

Congratulations on the NP Times article! We're looking forward to patronizing your establishment.


EMHI said...

Way to go Dirk, Elizabeth...nice article, good stuff...We'll be rooting for you and look forward to a visit in the future. BH

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