Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coming Together ...

As slow as the last few days have been in terms of progress on the ceiling, today totally made up for it. We got six rows up, and are three rows short of the roof ridge.

Most likely we could have installed one or two more rows, but we need to spend at least half an hour to move all the scaffolding for that, and we had to close shop early today due to a prior engagement.

As we will box out the entire ridge line anyway, we decided to stop right there for the ceiling cover, and finish it, once the ridge line is boxed out. Granted, we could start work on that right away, but we are a little tired of ceiling work right now, and want to work on something else for a while. So stayed tuned for new and exciting things happening around Gunk Haus.

Spot the hidden object:

A view through the rafters of the old beer hall roof (which will remain exposed):



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