Monday, December 1, 2008

Last Sheet Standing, Er, Hanging ...

I used up the last sheet of blueboard we had today. Not that we're done, but I wanted to use up what we have to free up floor space in the beer hall. We'll get more soon, but for now we covered what we wanted to cover.

Just for the kicks I hung a radiator, so I get a feel for it. Eventually they will be covered by a banquette (fixed bench), but this won't happen before next year. Tomorrow I'll start running the tubing for the radiators, which will take a few days.

E! is still busy fixing and painting all the window sashes in the house, and it looks really great. It makes such a difference to the appearance of the house.

We got a call from Mike today, letting us know that we're on his books for this week, which means pretty soon we may get our new electrical service, and we will be able to turn on all those pretty new circuits Mike had installed over the summer. There shall be light! But that also means that we don't have any excuse anymore not to work past 4:30pm.