Friday, December 5, 2008

Gunk Haus Underground ...

I went into the abyss today, the underbelly of Gunk Haus, in plain English: the crawl space. It carries its name with pride. I was installing some PEX tubing (the gray line in the pictures) for the beer hall radiators.

The crawl space isn't so bad. Granted, there are lots of spider webs, it's dirty, the ceiling is low, and it looks like whoever built the beer hall addition simply burried all their trash underneath. But heck, it's dry.

I will have to get back in there a few more times, as I'm not done yet running all the PEX tubing, some of which I don't even have yet. In addition, the drain pipes from the dish station will run through here. I am tempted to clean up a little down there, but then who cares.


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