Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get Used To Disappointment ...

I'm sure you remember my recent foray into heat-related plumbing. One of the setbacks then was a hot water supply line, which kept on trickling even after the shutoff valve was closed.

Well, today was the day of reckoning. I am working on hooking up the radiators in the beer hall, and I need that supply line. Since may last hooray, I had plenty of time to think about how to stop the stupid line from trickling water, so that I can solder (löten) a PEX connector to it.

Normally I start these attacks early in the day, in case something goes wrong. But I hadn't prepared myself as last time, so this morning I was out on the street soldering a few pieces together, which would then be soldered to the supply line:

After lunch I was ready for battle, and I executed my plan with the precision of a surgeon: Shut off the water to the boiler, close all heating zone valves, drain some water from the boiler, solder the PEX connector to the supply line, and reverse the boiler shutoff.

The result was rather anticlimactic. It worked just the way I thought it might.

E! is the sweetest. Just before I started, she checked whether we have all the supplies, that make a good vodka martini (thanks for the olives, Mark, I didn't need them today). I love her.

Aside from all this Mike (the electrician) stopped by today. He finished up a little bit of work on the service panel, so that the inspector can look at it. Hopefully this happens soon, so that we can get light into the beer hall and the bar.