Saturday, December 13, 2008

Drip, Drip, Drip ...

I am usually a patient person, but sometimes I get anxious, like getting the heat going in the beer hall. Well, I tried the sticky sealant today, and I am sure it will work, I just couldn't wait and flooded the radiators too early. Subsequently they were still dripping, only a little bit though. So I'll bide my time, let the sealant cure, and get back to it tomorrow.

In the meantime, and for our sheer pleasure and entertainment (because that's what this is all about) we hung some more drywall today:

Tomorrow, after the heat is going (cross your eyes, fingers, legs), we may tackle the ADA bathroom (behind the Lowe's house wrap in the picture above). On Monday we'll start calling around for the wood for the ceiling. Now that is exciting!



kathleen duey said...

I am just blog sampling--reading at random.

I am an author, not a builder, but I have a backgorund in farming....

Here,in CA, for threaded hard-plastic and metal irrigation connections we often use teflon tape. It is wrapped around the threads, then the parts are put together. It takes the place of pipe dope and seems to hold up well under high pressures. It's easy to replace, too, a few years down the line...if needed.
All best.

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