Friday, December 12, 2008

D-Day ...

If you ever wondered what the D in D-Day stands for, it's disappointment, downer, disillusionment. I have actually gotten used to the fact that things never work the way I envision them, and I am almost diappointed if they do.

I worked on the finishing touches of the radiators in the beer hall today, screw in the valves and vents, hooked them up to the PEX tubes, and checked all the connections, twice.

It all looked good, so I opened the floor gates of the heating system, and filled the radiators with water. Drip, drip, drip. Everything was fine, except for the valve connections at the radiators. The manufacturer had sent a sealing paste along with the valves, which I applied as directed, but it didn't work as indicated, clearly it wasn't, as all the valves were dripping at the same spot. But I somewhat suspect that the threading may be too loose, because I used the sealing paste at another spot, which was fine.

No despair, I have some really nastily sticking sealant, which I'll try tomorrow, and I will be sure to use lots of it. There shall be heat!!!


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