Sunday, December 14, 2008

Always Something ...

Where do I begin? The day didn't start so bad, I finished the dry walling I had started yesterday, it looks great. On then to my favorite task for the last few days, heat in the beer hall. I had applied the nasty sticky stuff the day before, gave it some time to cure so that it be ready for action today.

I open the flood gates, i.e. valves, to the radiators, and ... four out of eight valves (two of which on one radiator) hold steady to the pressure (thanks for your comment, Kathleen, but I tried the locktite that came with the radiators, I tried teflon tape, and I tried my nasty sticky stuff). Not so good, but not too bad. At least I get to test the rest of the heat piping for the beer hall.

As I still have to install the thermostat, I simply short the wires (24V DC is not a biggy, but you knew that) to turn on the circulation pump ... nothing. Again ... nothing, again. I get out my trusty volt meter ... power all the way to the circulation pump. No pumping, though. I don't even sigh anymore, I gave that up long time ago.

Replacing the circulation pump can invite all sorts of disasters. It is normally shielded on both sides by a valve for easy replacement. That's a great idea, if those two valves work, but you know how this can turn out. Well, it turns out I got lucky, and both valves still work like a champ, and I am talking Olympic gold medal champ.

I get the new pump, and some wire with it, as the old one looked a little untrustworthy (why do I have these nightmares about the place burning down). So here is the culprit, to be seen on the left:

And now it's gone, while my favorite pipe holder holds the pipe:

And now the new one is in, easy-peasy:

It worked like a champ, and it circulated the heat through the one radiator, which didn't have any problems with leakage. No wait, what's that wet spot there?

I know I make mistakes sometimes, but the leaking valve problem I do not claim responsibility for anymore. I have to call the manufacturer tomorrow, because the threading on those valves is totally off.

Anyhow, the day ends, time to decompress, and time for a cold beer, which we keep in a fridge that came with the property (and it actually says on it: cold beer). The beer in there was cold, alright. In fact, it was frozen stiff, most bottles shattered. Clearly the fridge thermostat must have left the room within the last two days, and caused the fridge to become a freezer.

And they asked me why I drink ... ;-)

Now the good news: Laziness is bliss! The other day we went beer shopping, but I was too lazy to put it in the fridge. You connect the dots ...