Saturday, November 1, 2008

Windows 9.5 ...

Window work today. The window next to entrance needed a new outside trim, and a new sill. Nothing easier than that. Well, it is never as easy as it looks, and things never work the way they should.

After I reinstalled the window, I realized that I should have made a cut a little deeper. Too late! It just looks a little crooked. Hey, it ain't called the Gunk Haus for nothing.

E! was back at painting, which she is sooo getting tired of, but we're down to the nitty gritty parts, and maybe by the end of this week we'll kick the paint bucket to the curb.



Anonymous said...

Byron sat down with me today at the computer so I could show him a blog and you guys working on Gunk Haus. He was super impressed at all the work you are doing. He loved the look of the place and the newsaper about the war from 1945. While he wasn't in that battle, every soldier boy knew the story well.
I cannot bleive the progress you have made since July! It looks so good and I love the colors. Keep em coming.
love you guys, Mom

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