Monday, November 3, 2008

Today's Puzzler ...

Ok, today something really challenging, so I can find out if you are actually paying attention.

Below you find two find images of the house front, the first taken last Friday, and the second taken today. Now, how many differences do you see?

Please spare me with such lame answers like "Er, there is a ladder in the one picture.", or "The sky looks more blue on Friday." Also, don't just say "Well, more stuff has been painted."

I mean actual changes to the house, and where. Los geht's:

Have fun ...



Anonymous said...

I'd say that:
* all of the windows on the 1st and 2nd floors have changed. (Now does that count as 1 or 7 differences?)
* Gutter spill drain on left side of the house

Under the possibly lame category:
* The door is open...
* The aforementioned painted bits

Not really part of changes to the house, but still differences...
* The painter
* wheelbarrow
* Popane talk or 5gl bucket to left of door
* A whole bunch of changes due to differenect perspective. (Take the pic's from the same sport next time!)

And for super-double-extra-bonus points:
* The reading on the electric meter has increased 13.4Kw
* The fixin's for martinis have been replenished

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