Friday, November 21, 2008

Three Out Of Nine Is Bad ...

Jerry was right, cutting glass is for the birds. I was helping E! today, cutting glass for the window sashes she is overhauling. Six of the potentially nine panes I broke. Life can be frustrating.

Speaking of, yesterday we received a call from a supplier, where we had ordered the radiators for the beer hall. We were supposed to get them some time around now. Apparently there was a rush in orders just before mine, and now I will only get half the radiators and the other half maybe in January. Did I mention that it is cold right now?

E! and I talked future today, no, not about what to do with all the millions we don't have, but what project to tackle next. Granted, this is all subject to change, but we will most likely start dry walling the beer hall soon, and cover up the beer hall ceiling, and yes, install half the radiators.


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