Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Cold In There ...

It was one of these rainy days, when you don't feel like working. But that didn't matter, as I was booked this morning anyway. Tuesday night I had seen something on Craig's List, which we went to check out yesterday, and today we picked it up. Here you go:

Ok, so you don't share my excitement, possibly because you can't figure out what I'm so excited about. These panels on our trusty pick up truck (I meant to say rusty, but it has been good to us, for the most part) are for a walk-in cooler (K├╝hlraum). It is six by eight feet, which is smaller than we were looking for, but we got it for a good price, and it will get us through the door.

As it was raining most of the day, we bagged the idea of working and went to buy some metal lath for stuccoing (verputzen) the east side cinder block wall. At the building supply store we found a new toy for E!. You'll have to wait until Saturday though to see it in action. Stay tuned.


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