Monday, November 10, 2008

All The President's Ladders ...

It was another long work day. Now, some of you may not think that working until 6pm is all that late. Granted. Yet, if you're running up and down ladders illuminated only by a flash light, the day has been too long already.

Today we focused on the siding to the left of the beer hall chimney. We had decided to install new clap board. Things started out pretty well, and by noon we had the clap board up to the top of the window.

After that things slowed down, running up and down the ladders to take measures and install the clap board simply isn't that fast. Plus, on the upper parts were a few tricky cuts, which always take a lot of time.

Here's a shot from a little after 4pm:

It still took almost two more hours to fill that little triangle in the top, but eventually all was well:

All that's left there is to caulk and touch up paint.