Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Can Call Me AL ...

It was a sad day. The inevitable happened, we had to part with our new found friend.

Over the last five weeks he had grown on us. First we were shy, but we got to know each other and bonded. In the morning we'd wake him up, toll around all day, and have a good time, and at night we'd put him to sleep.

In the beginning he was a hungry wolf, and we had to feed him tremendous amounts, but we learned to keep him from running idly in circles, and hunger subsided.

To him, we must have always been just little, scared kids, making him crawl around eagerly watching the tip-over alert. But on his way out, he showed us what he was really made of, racing around the house, climbing into his ride like it was nothing.

And at the final wave good-bye, the sky opened up and shed a few sad tears, and so did we.

We will miss you AL.

Gosh, we got so close to getting the north side done. Oh well, where is the ladder ...