Monday, October 20, 2008

Sugar Daddy ...

Ok, I officially declare United Rentals our sugar daddy. Yes, you guessed it, we still have the aerial lift. So we put it to work and started painting on the north side. If luck will have it and the aerial lift is still around, we'll finish it tomorrow.

Thing is, our sugar daddy has given us so much candy already that we don't even know what to eat anymore. We were discussing today what else we could do with the aerial lift after we finish the north side. Tree pruning, sure, but that won't keep you busy all day. I'd hate to see the bugger sit out front unused, but it may come to that.

In the last five weeks we clearly must have turned into aerial lift snobs, because today on the way to an auction we saw a JLG 660 SJ (we have a JLG 450 AJ), but quickly discovered how much better ours was in terms of flexibility and everything. And the other day on the parking lot of a Home Depot (hiesige Baumarktkette), we saw one of these tow-behind cherry pickers, and were just amused at how skimpy it was.



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