Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reminiscing ...

The date came and went, and we missed it. A little over a year ago, we bought what was then the Hollywood Bar. It had been under that name since the 1930s, although it changed hands several times until we acquired it.

I remember vividly on the first day we took possession when E!'s brother in-law pointed out a pinhole leak (Haarriß oder so ähnlich) in the basement. Worlds collapsed for me, I had pictures of the water shorting the electrical and burning down the place before we even moved in.

That pinhole leak provided me with much agony for a few days, while I was trying to fix it with a propane torch and solder (Lötzinn). If the electrical didn't burn down the place, I certainly would with the torch. After two days I gave up, and we called a plumber.

E! and I have come a long way since, and learned a few tricks.

Today I worked on reconnecting the third floor heat to the boiler. There was a little soldering (löten) going on, but ever since that first day, I had promised myself to get rid of all that rotten copper piping. I have long since switched to PEX, a flexible plastic tube, which originally was used for radiant floor heating, but has since been approved for potable water (Trinkwasser).

No more pinhole leaks for me.


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