Friday, October 10, 2008

O Mike, Where Art Thou ...

Mike (the electrician) didn't show again today, which wouldn't be a problem, if he didn't need the aerial lift to finish up some work on our new 3-phase service. Thing is, the aerial lift will go back on Wednesday morning.

Speaking of the aerial lift, it blew another o-ring (Dichtungsring) today, and was leaking hydraulic fluid again. The service guy came by in the afternoon and fixed it, but we, notabene E!, didn't wait for that, and went back up to get some more work done. Now give that girl some credit, she rocks!!! And here's the picture to prove it:

And here is yours truly, working around the electrical wires. Granted, they are all insulated, but it still makes you feel queasy (mulmig):


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