Friday, October 31, 2008

Mighty Dragons ...

I am sure you've noticed how I often refer to E! as a mighty dragon, for working up on the aerial lift, despite the fact that she is afraid of heights. I have to admit, I have committed plagiarism. The original title goes to E!'s sister for sticking a needle into her stomach twice a day.

Now you may say neither of these things are scary or frightening. You may be right, but you have to give the girls credit for overcoming their fear. Don't make fun of people, who are afraid of things you'd do in a heartbeat. You have fears, too. Is that a spider on your neck?

Happy Halloween!



Anonymous said...

Actually, the original credit goes to a lame, lame, lame Barbie as Rapunzel movie in which Barbie's friend, Penelope, who is a purple dragon has to prove to her father that she is a might dragon by flying over a high enchanted wall. I just repeat, "I am a mighty dragon" while injecting my medicine in front of the kids to be silly.
Happy Halloween,
- D!s sister-in-law (aka E!'s sister)
P.S. And now you have a posted comment. Yea!

Energiya Buran said...

Adding a comment to the comment...we cannot wait to see the results of all your hard work! For years, we've driven by the Hollywood and thought not much of it. It will be nice to have better thoughts once the GH is up and running. Many of our friends in the community are equally as psyched.

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