Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holes ...

Back at digging holes. As I mentioned the other day, I was cutting concrete in the dish station to dig a hole for the grease trap (Ölabscheider). Turned out there were two layers of concrete, of which the first popped right off, but the second was sturdy.

Here I had chipped away a corner with the chisel already:

It turned out that underneath the concrete were just rocks, which is good, as it makes excavation easier. It also helped with the second layer of concrete. I basically fished out the rocks from underneath the concrete, thereby making it more bouncy, and thus break easier. So, after about two hours this morning, I had the remaining concrete removed:

I halfway expected to find dead bodies, drugs, or money in that rubble, but all we ever found in this place was an issue of Chocolate Pussy from the seventies (before Brazilian waxes became standard), and a newspaper announcing heavy losses by the army during an offensive in Belgium, er, did I mention that it was dated February 1945.

I will leave this ditch for now, as other things have priority. I continued work on the cover for the electrical service panel on the parking lot side. Hopefully by tomorrow I will finish it, and set it up, which requires digging two more holes.

Meanwhile E! was brave as always and went up on the aerial lift again to start painting the south side of the house. I was up there today painting the roof trim, and I was glad to be on solid ground again afterward. She is a mighty dragon, and deserves respect. I'll post pictures of her work tomorrow.