Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gunk Haus Rising ...

I am sorry I didn't post any pictures of Gunk Haus yesterday, as I had promised. It was a long day again, stopping only after sunset, and I do hit limits on occasion. But here it is, Gunk Haus at sunrise:

Now, United Rentals was supposed to pick up the aerial lift today, but they were rather slammed today, that they didn't make it. Well, one more day on the rig, for free of course, and here is E! painting the windows to the beer hall:

Mike and his gang came by yesterday, and pulled the wire for our new 3-phase service, which requires four wires, each of which must have been about 3/4 inch thick plus insulation, I kid you not. A total of 120 feet of 3/4 inch copper wire, don't ask how much that costs these days.