Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Lunches ...

Remember when I said that there are no free lunches, besides shit brown tile at Sherwood Tile in Newburgh (I was corrected today by E!'s sister, that they are in fact chocolate brown). Now, do you also remember that yesterday was pickup day for the aerial lift.

Well, it was still here today, all day, and unless they pay people weekend bonus, it will still be here on Monday. Now that is a yummy lunch ... :-)

Although we painted all the areas which we really couldn't have reached without the aerial lift, it does make it easier painting places that you could easily reach with a ladder.

Finally, I found the time and energy today to do some book keeping, and enter September's receipts. This is rather boring and tedious work, but totally necessary. If I would do it every week, it would only take me a few minutes, but I am a procrastinator, and therefore I only do it at the end of the quarter, at which point it takes me several hours.

Oh well, no free lunches, no wait ... ;-)


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