Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daycation ...

Today was going to be pickup day for the aerial lift. And with the prospect of rain we decided to take a daycation. As we were low on various supplies, we decided on a trip to Danbury, Connecticut. There are two stores in Danbury, which we don't have around: Costco (eine Grosshandelskette) and Trader Joe's (ein Lebensmittelladen der besonderen Art). Aside from that, Danbury features a Five Guys, which we didn't go to today. That is because we already had lunch at East Fishkill Provisions, a smoke house, which makes great sausages, including Weisswurst, and Blutwurst (blood sausage), and various other yummy things I remember well from home. I am certain some of their products will make it onto our menu.

When we got home the aerial lift was still there. Well, I guess we'll use it until they pick it up.

Speaking of pickup, I fixed the break line on the pickup truck this morning before we left, which is very helpful. The pickup is a $500 pile of rust, but it works (most of the time), and it allows us to haul stuff around, get lumber, and pick up shit brown tile for free ... ;-)


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