Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boring ...

Day 4 of not having the aerial lift picked up (I told you so didn't I). I know, it sounds like a broken record. Granted, I could drive the damn thing down to United Rental myself, after all, it is self-propelled, but simply driving it to the other side of the house already takes five minutes (that's a distance of less than 100 yards).

Ok, so we still have the aerial lift, and therefore still use it. Here is E! in action, painting the west side of the beer hall.

Yours truly meanwhile was back at the north side aluminum siding. I hope to finish this up tomorrow, with the help of the still available ... wait for it ... aerial lift!!!

As you can see, our life is fascinatingly boring, and completely controlled by a machine. Hmm, sounds like 1984, or Metropolis.