Monday, October 13, 2008

Batman ...

While I was up in the corner of the roof, I took off a piece of trim, about 24 by 12 inches, because it had started to come off anyway. And lo and behold, I saw this:

Now folks, those little wormies there are called guano, in other words, this is what bat shit looks like, piles of bat shit.

When I looked at the trim piece I had taken off, I found two more bats, clinging to the trim like they were stranded on a piece of wood in the middle of the ocean:

They clearly were baffled (verwirrt) by the sudden exposure to light, and being woken halfway through the night, pardon, day. So I did what you are supposed to do (alright, expelling them from their home for not paying rent isn't what you're supposed to do), when you catch a bat, you release it at a tree, so that they can climb up the tree, and fly away (bats are horrible at starting from the ground).

And because I am a nice person, and bats are great to have around, I went to Lowe's (hiesige Baumarktkette), and bought a bat house. Let's hope those critters settle in there.

Speaking of bats, on Saturday we had a bat in our house. Well, we had left the doors open after sundown, because the weather is really nice right now, and didn't you know, a bat must have been thirsty and figured, it would stop by for a pint of beer. Now, what do you do, if you have a bat in your house? You open the doors and windows, because a bat really wants to be outside (after the pint of beer of course), and they sense the flow of fresh air. Lo and behold, it worked. Case closed ... :-)


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