Monday, September 29, 2008

Ein Auto Das Nicht Faehrt ...

Today started with a drizzle, which stopped, so that E! could get back up on the aerial lift. After lunch, I drove it around the house to the front beer garden. That's when I noticed some dripping underneath the body. First I thought it was water from the rain, but a quick investigation (touch, smell) revealed it to be oil, hydraulic oil to be precise. It was dripping too much to make it safe for usage. So we called the rental company, and they'll send someone tomorrow. But that was it for today with the aerial lift.

I for my part spent the last two days cutting a 3 feet by 5 feet hole into the concrete slab in the dish station. The hole is for the grease trap, which prevents oils and grease from clogging our septic system. Cutting concrete is a nasty job, especially if you do it inside, and in a confined space. I had hung tarps around the dish station in order to prevent the dust from spreading throughout the house (we do live there, you know), which worked mostly, but because of that, the exhaust from the 2-cycle engine powering the concrete saw quickly becomes unbearable. So I would cut 15 seconds and then spent the next five minutes catching fresh air outside. Today, I started chipping away the cut concrete, only to find out that there are two layers, of which the second (the lower one) is quite tough.



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